• MM FARMACHEM d.o.o. Radnička cesta, 10000 Zagreb
  • email: info@farmachem.hr
  • tel: 00385 1/ 4680 290
  • fax: 00385 1/ 4618 580
Since twenty years Farmachem has been present in pharmaceutical and fine chemicals field.
Initially, the main activity of the Company was to trade with pharmaceutical substances.
The experience of the people who founded Farmachem and established contacts in pharmaceutical branch all over the world were the basis of the expansion.
Following strong diversification of the markets, FMM started to follow very early a fastlly changed pharmaceutical and regulatory environment giving to our partners a more complete and sophisticated services

Today Farmachem SA is present with its own entities in:

  • India - Hyderabad Farmachem SA India Pvt.Ltd.
  • Russia – Moscow Farmachem Representative office
  • Czech Republic – Brno Farmachem Representative office
  • Ukraine – Kiev Farmachem Representative office
  • China

Each of these companies was established in the moment when the specificity and level of business in certain fields, areas or types of activities required a consistent organizational and management approach.
Beside above mentioned companies and rep. offices which makes a core of today’s Farmachem Group, we are deeply connected and linked also with:

Explora Laboratories SA – Mendrisio, Switzerland – R&D Laboratory and pilot plant for new APIs chemical and biochemical processes and regulatory issues.
Deimos srl – Milan, Italy – same activity as FMM (+ food division) mostly for the Italian market
Palace – Tehran , Iran
Delta Biotech SA  – Buenos Aires, Argentine -
Soimar Ingeneering Srl - Torino, Italy